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Polymer clay relief painting of a western tanager by Laura LaPere

Crossover Clay

What happens when a polymer artist seeks fine art training? Read about Laura LePere’s experience finding acceptance in new places.

phyllis cahill artist who works with polymer clay

Phyllis Cahill

Phyllis Cahill is a lifelong graphic artist and illustrator who brings her skills to the world of polymer clay. She makes beautifully finished polymer clay jewelry.

polymer clay cane jewelry by Jayne Dwyer

Jayne Dwyer

Jayne Dwyer makes amazing canes. Usually in a square (or rectangular) format, and almost always with nature themes. She creates small polymer clay portraits of flowers, birds, trees, and other natural items. Jayne’s canes start fairly large and quite shallow, only a few inches thick. She then reduces them to make cane slice earrings and …

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polymer clay artist and teacher syndee holt

syndee holt

syndee holt is a fixture in the polymer community. Her broad-spanning knowledge, endless creativity, and her unwavering optimism make her a valuable presence.  I was first inspired by syndee in the early 2000’s when she shared stories of her life as a quirky artistic single mother and she’s been inspiring me (and all of us) …

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skelly figure painting a wall

Skelly in NYC

Skelly is a skeleton that lives in NYC and does all the things that anyone else does. He has a family, goes for walks, eats dim sum, cleans the toilet, etc. It’s an amusing and also sweet project.

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