Skelly in NYC

skelly doll baking cookies

Skelly is a skeleton who lives in NYC. He does all the usual things that anyone does in life. He has a family and friends, he sips Starbucks while working at the computer, he cleans the toilet, and he takes his dog for a walk.

Skelly is a miniature ball-jointed skeleton figure made in 1:18 scale. And while I don’t think that Skelly himself is made of polymer clay (though he could be), many of the things in his life are. From his miniature Skelly-sized food to his well-designed apartment, you will recognize your favorite material in the photos of Skelly’s life.

But what I most wanted to share with you is the way that a story is told through these images. It’s the story of everyman. Of normal life. And we somehow just ignore the fact that Skelly is, well, not only dead but not even real.

What would happen if you told a story with your creations? What would they say? And how could you convey that story to your audience?

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What do you love about Skelly’s world? Go visit Skelly! Every artist needs encouragement.  

I love that...

Skelly’s Instagram profile tells an ordinary life. It’s proof that an engaging story doesn’t need to be shocking or outlandish. It can just be simply told. And the one strange thing about the story (that Skelly is a skeleton) is completely ignored. That amuses me. It’s also great fun that much of Skelly’s world is handmade. The person behind this is obviously having a grand time.

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