Phyllis Cahill

phyllis cahill artist who works with polymer clay
polymer clay and silver delft pendant

Phyllis Cahill is a lifelong artist with a background in graphic design and children’s illustration. She brought her tremendous skill set to the world of polymer clay a few years ago and now makes jewelry with polymer clay set in metal. Her story is best told in the following video.

In addition to Phyllis’s finely detailed and perfectly finished jewelry, she’s a valued and helpful member of the polymer clay community and active in several Facebook groups. She also has a blog where she details her tremendously helpful experiments with polymer clay and the materials she uses with it. You can read her wonderful articles here.

Phyllis tends to use polymer clay as a colorful inset placed perfectly within finely finished metalwork, especially silver and copper. As with her children’s book illustrations, she enjoys using watercolor on polymer clay to create a soft, emotive effect. 

Phyllis also enjoys other classic polymer techniques with her work, such as image transfer, mokume gane, canework, and etching. You can see more of her work on her website at Phyllis Cahill Design. Want to pick up some of her jewelry? Her Etsy shop is lovely as well.

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