Moonlight Cat Dreams

polymer clay moonlight cat dreams

I’m not sure if they’re sea creatures, amphibians, or just residents in the fantasy world, but these little creatures from Moonlight Cat Dreams seem like they’re part of a much larger universe. They remind me of the Whos from Dr. Seuss, with their affectionate body posture and familiar relationships. There are babes in arms, parents with an arm around a child, and couples with their tails intertwined.Β 

Some of the creatures (with names like fniggs, fnoops, and fnurfles) have tails like a dolphin. Others are more reminiscent of a slug. And yet their simplified bodies and features still manage to convey emotions and expressions. There are also “regular” animals done in the same style but with normal cat, bat, giraffe, or fox features. Most are made to sit on an edge, so you could line them up on the edge or a shelf. (Isn’t that an interesting way to create a character line for collecting?)

One thing you might notice about all of these creatures, however, is that they’re simply made from hand-molded polymer clay. Nothing is carved, textured, or cast. There are no textures, surface treatments, or paint. And they’re made in a limited palette of black, silver, and gold polymer clay. But this doesn’t limit the range of expression you see.

I didn’t find a website or a real name for this artist, so if anyone knows, shoot me a message.

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I love that...

Moonlight Cat Dreams has a strong, clear, original voice that makes their work instantly recognizable. The figures are simple, without fussy details, and yet each one has a ton of character. 

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