Melinda Puho and Attila Borbas

polymer clay and labradorite necklace by WizArts

Melinda Puho is originally from Transylvania (Romania) and her husband Attila Borbas is from Hungary. They now live in the Los Angeles are and you may have seen them in local Rennaissance festivals there. Both Melinda and Attila work with polymer clay to make fantasy and “magickal” jewelry. 

They use polymer clay, natural stones, Swarowski crystals, and iridescent powders to make showpiece necklaces and other jewelry. Many pieces also include long-lasting glow-in-the-dark polymer clay that reveals hidden features once the lights go dim.

You can see more of their collections by visiting them at the links below.

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I love that...

Melinda and Attila have a very stong brand and a cohesive look throughout all their work. It’s also very well photographed, making it super easy for people like me to give them a much-deserved shout-out.

polymer clay necklace with fantasy theme
compilation of work from Wizarts

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