Melanie Allen

I wasn’t sure if these brightly colored earrings were image transfers at first. No, they’re made from very thin slices of a cane made with translucent polymer clay. Melanie is an accomplished caner as you can see from a stroll through her Inner Vision Studio Facebook page, but she normally chooses a rich, opaque color palette. You can see the cane that made these earrings here.

Just a sample of earrings using my new translucent cane...really pleased with the glowing effect.

Posted by Inner Vision Studio on Saturday, July 13, 2019

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I love that...

Melanie understands color relationships in her canes. They’re bright, show great contrast, and are well-executed. I particularly like the way she combines several of her canes together seamlessly, making them appear that they were originally created as one unit.

pendant by melanie allen

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