Juliya Laukhina

These intricate pods stopped me in my tracks. Made to resemble nature, but unlike anything that grows, this series of pods will make you want to zoom in and inspect every detail. They’re not quite like fungus or sea creatures or aliens. But they look very much as if nature had a hand in their creation. This series of pods are part of a 30 day series where Juliya sculpted a different bioform each day. 

Juliya, who is from Moscow, has been working with polymer clay since 2008 and you’ll see a lot of different techniques in her work. But nature is always close by.

Head over to Juliya’s Instagram to see more views of these pods, and make sure to let her know how much you enjoy them.

Juliya made a quick IGTV video showing how she made the above pod. You can view it here.

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I love that...

Juliya dreamed up a theme and stuck with it, creating many pieces that were variations on a theme. This wasn’t limiting, it was liberating. The resulting creativity is inspiring! Plus, I’m always a sucker for organic bioforms. These are so interesting!

polymer clay love julia laukhina

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