Jayne Dwyer

polymer clay cane jewelry by Jayne Dwyer

Jayne Dwyer makes amazing canes. Usually in a square (or rectangular) format, and almost always with nature themes. She creates small polymer clay portraits of flowers, birds, trees, and other natural items. Jayne’s canes start fairly large and quite shallow, only a few inches thick. She then reduces them to make cane slice earrings and jewelry that she sells in her Paper Moon Jewelry Etsy shop and at in-person shows.

Jayne’s work is instantly recognizable. She uses life-like shading to create visual nuances that make her subjects have a realistic feel. At the same time, she has an uncanny way creating movement in the image. I find this movement quite remarkable considering these are still-life images of a single topic in a fixed medium.

Not only does Jayne create her own jewelry to sell, she has also shared her cane ends and usable scrap with Dr. Ron Lehocky who uses them in the creation of his beautiful hearts that he makes for charity. Below is an example of Ron’s hearts created with Jayne’s canes.

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Jayne works with and even embraces the distortion that cane reduction can cause, making it give her nature-themed canes a sense of organic flow. She also has a keen sense of color and expertly uses both color and value contrast to give her picture canes excellent clarity.

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