Henry Aschner

tiger lily sculptures

One thing is obvious when you look at Henry Aschner’s work. He loves to work with polymer clay. He takes it seriously enough to learn good techniques and to be diligent in creating beautiful work. But not enough to lose sight of the fact that life is fun and polymer clay can absolutely be part of that. 

Henry makes these fun flower sculptures that look like they should be on the set of a Star Trek show from the 60’s. Each one is different. These, however, have tiger stripes on the “petals” and are therefore “tiger lilies”. Oh I do love a good pun!

Henry loves to make things with canes and the classical millefiori technique, but he puts his own stamp on it. You’ve got to love the expression of the stern-looking owl in the photo below.

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I love that...

Henry takes pride in his work and it’s obvious that he loves what he’s doing. Many of his pieces express his sense of humor, too.  Seeing Henry’s joy in his work makes me remember what it was like when I first fell in love with polymer. His joy is infectious!

polymer clay cane covered owl

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