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What is a champion? There can be a lot of definitions of a champion, but the one that I think of most is someone who triumphs over a hurdle in their life. That hurdle is usually something too big for them, not something that is small. Hurdles are different for every person. What might seem small to one person may be a huge mountain to another.

Hurdles in life can be things like poverty, abuse, health crisis, spiritual matters, family relationships, weight struggles, marriage conflicts, and so much more. The only way to be a champion over them is to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, face them head on and run the race: minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Sometimes it’s a grueling snail’s pace, other times a crawl, and on a great day a fantastic heated marathon.

It’s no secret that I have Cystic Fibrosis, it’s one of the reasons that I head up the CF Rainbow Tree [read about my CF & the trees here] every year. Living with a CF is certainly challenging! Just because I have a chronic illness, however, doesn’t mean I live my life according to its limitations or let my health affect my self-worth or abilities. Why? Because I have decided to be a champion over my own life, and you can too. Here’s how:

First, you need to make a choice. You do have the internal motivation to do so. Sometimes you just need to find it. You need to decide that you will be a champion and rise to the challenge of overcoming your hurdle. You do not need to be stuck.

Second, you need to stand up for yourself. You must recognize that if you don’t, no one else will. No one is coming to rescue you in life. No one can overcome your hurdle for you. No one can run your race for you. It’s all up to you. You must do this for yourself and by yourself.

Third, you will need to surround yourself with cheerleaders. Your hurdle and your race will be difficult. There may be easy times, but there will be far more hard ones. If you are not surrounding yourself with people that will cheer you on, help you up, and applaud you then you will not have the support you need to finish the race.

Fourth, you must have faith and hope in something. You must have hope and faith in yourself first and foremost that you can be a champion. But secondly, you also need to have faith that can sustain you when you run short. I am a Christian and I find my faith and my hope in Jesus Christ. Your faith may lie elsewhere, but you must find faith somewhere. Along life’s journey, you will get tired and your faith and hope in yourself will wane. It will need restoration somewhere.

Now I ask you, what is holding you back from achieving your dreams? What are you not championing over? Use the four steps above and begin to be a champion. I believe in you. You CAN do it!

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6 thoughts on “Champion? You can be!”

  1. I’ve been a member of Kater’s Acres for a while now, but I didn’t know about your struggles with CF. Thank you for these four strategies to deal with our own hurdles. You are an inspiration to me and I thank you!

  2. Thank you Katie for being an amazing role model, you live life full speed ahead! Your positive, uplifting attitude inspires us all. Keep on Claying!! Love your sculptures.

  3. You are a true CF warrior! I love that the first step is making a choice. That’s really the key. No one can help you, if you haven’t made the choice to help yourself! Thanks, Katie!

  4. Thank you, Katie! You are an inspiration and I need that in my life right now! We do have choices to make and I think I just needed to be reminded of that!

  5. Hi Katie, we share the same chronic health condition and it certainly does impact daily living in all its aspects. Treatment must be followed or experience grief! Thank you for your article and your point of view. It is similar to my approach and it definitely helps me to live my life more
    successfully. At this time I am taking a serious look at what I really want to do and prioritizing those choices that are in front of me. So many things, so little time! I have been feeling overwhelmed by all the options and a bit frozen in my thinking. Your article has reminded me to keep my core responsibilities for myself at the center and to choose those options that enhance my life and bring joy and satisfaction. The angels have a way of connecting me to helpful boosts when I need it. Thank you Katie, for being that timely boost!

  6. Thank you so much Katie I really needed to hear that today. It started out to be a day of pain and depression your words are helping me to turn that around because your right no one else can do it but me.

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