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We’ve all had old furniture that we’ve thought about giving a facelift. But few have taken an overhaul as far as Bridget Derc. A look through Bridget’s polymer creations on Flickr will show you that she’s always loved bright color, precise arrangements, and perfect finishing. But after she took Carol Simmons’ 6-day Master Cane class, things made a dramatic turn.  She took the ideas from Carol’s class and took things to a whole new level. 

Above you’ll see the top of a coffee table that Bridget made by slicing a master cane and piecing together 15 different design sections, plus a border. Can you see the divisions between each piece? Bridget shares her in-progress shots of this coffee table on Flickr here.

Long coffee table

Below is another table in a different color palette. People sometimes ask if she has an oven large enough to bake the tables. No, she creates the canework designs in sections and panels, then glues the baked pieces to the table.

Finished table

You’ll have to explore Bridget’s Flickr to see more, including a nested table set, each with a different top. You’ll also see some bowls made from the same canes, to match the tables.

Not all of the tabletops have been done with kaleidoscope cane pieces. The tabletop below is made with canes slices that were first arranged and then backfilled until smooth. 

Table 1 14. filling in 3

Also worthy of note is Bridget’s phenomenal sense of color. These pieces are bright without being loud. Everything is balanced. And each of the canes has just the perfect amount of contrast to enable them to show up well against the background and each other. 

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What do you love about Bridget’s work? Tell her! Every artist needs encouragement.  

I love that...

Bridget creates for her own entertainment. She seems to love the process enough that she doesn’t rush through things, taking the time that’s necessary to make exquisite work. I also love her sense of color. Polymer’s greatest strength is its color, and Bridget uses it well.

Bowl 4

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