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polymer clay covered bowl and spoon set

Gail Garbe

Gail used translucent clay as a background in these intriguing canes that she used to cover and bowl and spoon and also to make some nice earrings.

polymer clay flower pots

Don’t Be Afraid to Grow

The tutorial to make these tiny polymer clay flower vases can be found here. Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already

heidi helyard studio

Heidi Helyard

Heidi Helyard is a leader in the popular contemporary polymer clay earring movement. She’s a lifelong artist, a graphic designer, and now an innovative polymer

Buy Nothing

Cynthia Gougian had too many art supplies. When she decided to share them with a “Buy Nothing” group in her community, she found much greater rewards.

polymer clay artist and teacher syndee holt

syndee holt

syndee holt is a fixture in the polymer community. Her broad-spanning knowledge, endless creativity, and her unwavering optimism make her a valuable presence.  I was

polymer clay and labradorite necklace by WizArts

Melinda Puho and Attila Borbas

Melinda Puho and Attila Borbas use polymer clay, crystals, mica powders, and glow in the dark clay to create fantasy and magickal jewelry.

skelly figure painting a wall

Skelly in NYC

Skelly is a skeleton that lives in NYC and does all the things that anyone else does. He has a family, goes for walks, eats dim sum, cleans the toilet, etc. It’s an amusing and also sweet project.

polymer clay earrings couple watching night sky

Esther of Klay & Play

These polymer clay earrings by Esther from Klay & Play show small scenes that tell a story. Colors are usually bright and the designs asymmetrical.

katie oskin cf vest

Champion? You can be!

What is a champion? There can be a lot of definitions of a champion, but the one that I think of most is someone who

double knitted scarf with nice pattern

A Wine Cozy??

Are you making the equivalent of knitted wine cozies? Is polymer the best material for your project?

dense forest with trees

The Forest for the Trees

Do you see the details of your work or do you see the whole? Learn how your natural tendency can influence the way you work.

beads of courage scarlette

Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage is a charity that provides beads to seriously ill children who are going through treatment. Each bead represents a procedure they’re had.

Polymer clay earrings by Linda Brooks Designs.

Linda Brooks

Linda Brooks is an artist who makes contemporary polymer clay jewelry in an industrial style that feels substantial and yet minimalist.

she felt so wrapped up in other people's expectations

Elissa Farrow-Savos

Elissa Farrow-Savos is a mixed media artist who uses polymer clay to make figures with a wistful, meaningful expression, each with an evocative story.

tiger lily sculptures

Henry Aschner

Henry Aschner uses millefiori cane techniques with polymer clay to make cane covered animals and whimsical flowerpot sculptures. He obviously loves polymer clay

Juliya Laukhina

Juliya Laukhina

Juliya Laukhina made a series of organic pods using polymer clay. Each one looks like it was found on the forest floor. Insanely original and intriguing!

figurative sculpture rosina gaudio polymer clay

Rosina Gaudio

Polymer clay is used in these mixed media fantasy pieces by Rosina Gaudio. She uses nature and found materials to create woodland creatures with spirit.

earrings by melanie allen

Melanie Allen

Melanie Allen from Inner Vision Studio is known for her canework. She’s featured in Polymer Clay Love for these lovely earrings made with translucent polymer.

polymer clay bookmarks

Rocky Antonio

Polymer Clay bookmarks made from Fimo Leather Effect were what caught my eye at first, but make sure to explore the goodness from Rocky Beads.


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