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This website is a community project. You are also part of this! Here’s what you can do:

  • If you love what someone is doing, tell them! Head over to their social media and give them some love. Get specific and tell them why you love them. Everyone needs to know that their work is making an impact.
  • Share people’s work. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone’s Facebook feed was filled with artwork they love?
  • The contact details will be included for each person featured in or participating in this website. Visit them, encourage them, be the tide that raises their ship!
  • Don’t forget the teachers and shop owners. The support they offer is invaluable. Support them, too!
  • Tell the others. Talk about Polymer Clay Love. Encourage others to come here. Share the posts using the buttons under each one.
  • Is there polymer news or great polymer art that I should know about? Tell me about it here.
  • Do you have a unique polymer clay love story? Consider writing an article for Polymer Clay Love
  • Sign up to get emails (below) so that you will get a weekly email summarizing the new posts, articles, and information here on Polymer Clay Love.
  • Visit The Blue Bottle Tree when it’s time to learn more about using the material of polymer clay. This site is produced and funded solely through The Blue Bottle Tree. Thank you!

All ships rise when the tide rises

About the Project

Hi, I’m Ginger Davis Allman, and I write The Blue Bottle Tree which is a polymer clay information website. I started Polymer Clay Love because I felt the world needed a centralized resource to bring together people all around the world to share and celebrate the love of polymer clay.

want to share about and bring recognition to makers and creators who are working diligently (and often alone) to make beautiful art, develop their craft, and create connections around this amazing medium. Together we can change the world and make a difference in the way the world experiences polymer clay. Thank you for joining me in this project!

I’m joined by leaders and creators who share their thoughts, their stories, and their art with you here on the pages of this website. It’s my vision for Polymer Clay Love that we can bring positivity, cooperativity, and growth to all who work with this intriguing medium.

Six nations, six languages, but one love we all share. Polymer Clay Love. (Photo courtesy of Chimge Altanhuyag, taken at Polymer Week 2019 in the Czech Republic.)

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